Space Daemon

Build Open Web Desktop Apps

Build trustless and user-controlled apps or websites on the open distributed web with the open source Space Daemon library. Powered by the underlying protocols of the open web (Filecoin, IPFS, Textile, Ethereum), with features like user-owned storage and p2p connections. It’s robust, well-documented, and easy to use.

Build Frictionless Web Apps with the Hosted Space Daemon

With the hosted version of the Space Daemon, you get all the benefits and features of the Space Daemon (privacy, encryption, p2p, underlying open web protocols/nodes, etc.) packaged into an easy to use API and libraries that enable you to seamlessly build open web apps in the browser that don’t require your users to download anything.

Build it using the

Space Daemon

The only limit to what can be built on the Open Web using the Space Daemon is your own imagination. Almost any existing Web 2 product/app/site can be rebuilt on the Open Web using the Space Daemon.

Focus on Building your App.

Let Space Daemon do the heavy lifting.

No need to worry about setting up infrastructure, running nodes, interacting/accessing the numerous underlying protocols in the Open Web Stack, or any of that complicated stuff. Just build your app using the Space Daemon and enjoy the super simple, easy to use, standard interface that makes the building process a breeze, and allows you to deliver amazing true Open Web experiences to your users.




Fully Open Source

Want to add more features to the Space Daemon? Want to show off your talents while promoting privacy apps? The Space Daemon is fully open source and a community endeavor. Developers are welcome to open pull requests!

Everything you Need to Build on the Open Distributed Web

The Space Daemon comes with a full suite of tools, commands, pre-installed nodes (IPFS, Textile, Filecoin, Ethereum), and everything else you need to build websites or apps using trustless and distributed technologies. Access features powered by the underlying Open Web protocols, like user-controlled storage, databases, Ethereum-based identity/naming system, and more.

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